College Admissions Isn’t Fair – 10 Ways to Level the Playing Field

November 16, 2019

Only 38% of Americans think the college admissions process is fair, according to a recent survey by the Higher Education Analytics Center. The recent Admissions Scandal (aka Operation Varsity Blues) highlights how Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and dozens of other uber-wealthy people hired Rick Singer to inflate their kids’ test scores and bribe college officials.

While I believe this criminal activity is isolated, the facts are pretty clear – the college admissions process isn’t flawless.

But as someone 25 years into a career in college admissions, I know you do not need to break the law to gain an admissions advantage. Sophisticated college search advice will help your chances for admission. And historically, far too few families have had access to trustworthy, expert advice.

At Find The Right College, we are on a mission to change that inequity. Lori Loughlin, Rick Singer and others’ actions didn’t steer us to this mission, but they sure do make plain the glaring need for trustworthy, expert college counseling that’s affordable.

Your Find The Right College Membership will empower you to make the most of your chances for admission. And we do this by guiding you and your family through the steps you can control in the college admission process. These controllable steps include:

  1. Starting your search early
  2. Understanding that your grades will play the biggest role in determining the strength of your application
  3. Exploring all your college options with an open mind (there are over 3,000 colleges in the US)
  4. Focusing your involvement on extracurriculars that excite you
  5. Engaging in open family conversations about your goals and expectations
  6. Establishing whether you prefer the SAT or ACT
  7. Studying for your preferred test with proven strategies
  8. Crafting an appropriate list of colleges
  9. Demonstrating your interest in your targeted colleges
  10. Writing a great college essay

By following and using these resources, you will decrease your stress, save time and money, increase your confidence – and most importantly – find a college where you will thrive.

Illegal activity may creep into the college admissions profession again. But that’s beyond your control. We’re here to arm you with everything you can control to make the most of your college search… to make the process as fair as possible for you.

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