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Find the Right College began because too many families told us they could not find the college search advice they needed. They said the advice was scattered, out of date or too hard to understand. Plus, they didn’t know which resources were trustworthy.

All of these things make it difficult for families to manage their search and make a great college choice. We developed Find The Right College to address these challenges. Our mission is to give you everything you need to navigate this crazy process and help more students find colleges where they’ll thrive.

Meet the Team

Fitz Totten

Fitz has committed his career to advocating for higher education. Following his graduation from Denison University, he worked in three highly selective admissions offices. First, he joined the admissions team at a small liberal arts college, St. Lawrence University; second, he worked at the Duke University School of Law. While there, he also received a MA from Duke University.

Subsequently, Fitz worked in the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Vanderbilt University. Fitz then entered into enrollment marketing and consulting at EAB-Royall; there he, ultimately, served as the Principal for Client Leadership. In his roles, he led teams that partnered with more than 100 Chief Enrollment Officers from a remarkably wide range of colleges and universities. During his 16 years, the company quintupled its enrollment services partnerships. He’s also completed his certification for college counseling at Columbia University. Within his hometown community, Fitz has served on the YMCA of Greater Richmond Board as well as the A Grace Place Board. He also served on the Board for his high school alma mater, Trinity Episcopal School, for eight years.

Stuart S. Canzeri

Stuart Canzeri hails from Washington, DC. From an early age, he knew he'd steer away from the political world that surrounded him and into the financial sector. His interest in the intersection between finance and higher education developed later, as an undergraduate at Tulane University. Remarkably, his father’s employer, Nelson Rockefeller, paid for the entirety of his education at Tulane. Stuart immediately recognized that generosity as a gift that called for a "pay it forward" strategy. He felt compelled to make a difference and give others the chance to pursue college without burdensome debts.

Stuart began his career as a financial adviser, founding Peachtree Financial Group, but he kept an eye on how to apply that expertise to helping families find colleges they could afford. He did so as he remembered the generosity of his father's boss. But he was also mindful of how busy parents need a hand. He knew that firsthand as the son of a single parent. That all led him to become "The College Financial Guy" and to partner with Find The Right College. Complementing this work, Stuart serves as a member of the National College Advocacy Group which provides college planning education for college planning professionals, students, and families. Further, in his own personal life, he's navigating the financial planning steps for his two sons, James and JW.

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