August 28

9 Reasons to Get Started Early; You’ll Thank Yourself Later


When frustrated by families dragging their feet to start their college search, my good friend likes to say, “Get started early. You’ll thank yourself later.

Despite the wisdom of this declaration, he makes it tongue in cheek. As a parent, he understands the challenges of having multiple kids attending different schools, playing different sports, and dragging their feet to plan anything more than 2 days in advance.

I bet you can relate to those challenges, too. So this blog is meant to make plain the big advantages of starting your college search early.

Taking the “long view” of the process, I circle back to my favorite comment for freshmen. It highlights the benefits of starting your college search conversations early, and – oftentimes – it motivates students to recognize the tangible benefits of working harder. I like to say, “The better you do academically, the more choices you will have. And everyone likes to have more choices, don’t you?”


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