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Get Schooled “Test Optional? Should I Still Take the SAT? Still Take the ACT?” 1.3.2021

Business Insider “…Change is Coming to Colleges” 12.5.2020

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Inside Higher Ed “More Bad News for the SAT” 9.23.2020

Inside Higher Ed “Survey of Admissions Leaders” 9.21.2020 

NY Times “Coronavirus May Change College Admissions Forever” 9.5.2020

Wall Street Journal “Pandemic is Making Students Question the Price of Their Education” 8.28.2020

USA Today “5 Ways COVID Will Change Higher Education Forever” 8.4.2020 

Hechinger Report “While Focus is on the Fall, Students’ Choices about College will have Far Longer Impact 5.29.2020

US News “Navigating Test-Optional Admissions Amid COVID-19” 5.20.2020

Inside Higher Ed “Dropping the SAT and ACT for Good” 5.18.2020

NY Mag “The Coming Disruption: 5.11.2020

Forbes – Perspective on a “Gap Year During the Pandemic” 5.7.2020

NACAC – “Taking on the Testing Organizations” due to the Pandemic 5.4.202

Four Videos on Finding And Affording College During the Covid Pandemic

9 Steps to Push Your College Search Forward (Download PDF Now)

7 Critical Questions to Find a College Where You’ll Thrive (Download PDF Now)

College Planning Checklist (Download PDF Now)

Common Application’s New Pandemic Question

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