Three Part Parent Master Series

August 23rd, 30th and September 6th. 7:30pm EST

  • Master Proven College Search Strategies
  • Empower your student to select a college that will enrich their life
  • From the trusted resource for parents planning for college
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In three short live sessions over three weeks, you will position your student to find the right colleges that will change their lives

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What Others Are Saying...

"You have been a guiding light for our family."

- Caroline, Mother in Virginia

"You REALLY saved us. She is very happy with her college choice."

- Susan, Mother in Florida

"My greatest fear was solved by working with your company."

- Vikas, Father in Texas

"He got accepted. We are all crying with joy. You have been amazing."

- Kim, Mother in Idaho

"We are all over the moon excited. It’s a good thing we found you… and listened."

- Laura, Mother in California

"I have no doubt that your efforts played a role in achieving such success on our daughter's behalf. And we are grateful."

- Jennifer, Mother from California

Series Outline

Session 1

Building The Right Foundation

  • Simplify the college admissions process
  • Gain peace of mind knowing you are getting timely proven expert information
  • Identify your greatest opportunities for saving on college
  • Determine which admissions trends will have a significant impact on your planning
  • Highlight critical events and college timelines

Session 2

Winning Strategies for Getting Organized

  • Break down the college preparation process into a simple, step-by-step, monthly checklist for both student(s) and parent(s)
  • Uncover insider secrets for increasing your chance for admissions
  • Learn the strategies for guiding your student on writing their winning essay
  • Map out your student’s standardized ACT/SAT testing plan
  • Access your customized college money report

Session 3

Unlocking the secrets to empower you and your student for success

  • Uncover the secrets and tips for getting a college to want your student
  • Develop your financial aid strategy by understanding how schools evaluate your financial position and pursue a debt free degree
  • Provide guidance on researching colleges and visiting campuses
  • Determine how much potential aid your family could be awarded
  • Establish your greatest opportunities for making college more affordable

Case Study 1

She left her hometown and growing up on a farm to attend a boarding school, because her family knew she needed more than what was available at home to attend a leading university. The pandemic sent her back home for a year and a half of online school. Her straight A's turned into B's as a virtual student and - she thought - killed her college dreams. But we worked with her to explain her challenges and find a college that would understand her circumstances.

Case Study 2

His parents both worked and traveled a lot. As parents, they felt like they didn't have the bandwidth to conduct a great college search. And his B+ GPA resulted in him flying under the radar and unable to get his school counselors attention. The parents hired FTRC to help them be more efficient with their time and - more importantly - to prioritize their son's college selection process.

Case Study 3

One mother of an exceptional student and athlete found FTRC in direct response to the crazy rumors she heard on the sidelines of her daughter's soccer games and the horror she felt when she learned some colleges would require her ex-spouse to provide his income. She really wasn't in a position to work with him. Working with FTRC helped her realize she would have plenty of options and to prioritize which steps to take when. They also helped her identify which colleges would require her Ex's financial information and which one wouldn't.

What You'll Get When You Enroll

  • Three Engaging Sessions with Q and A’s
  • Your College Fit Worksheet
  • Insider Cheat Sheets and Checklists
  • College major and career guide
  • How to have the college money conversation guide
  • Your Essential College Search Timeline
  • Exclusive personal access to College Money Report System
  • Insider access to future updates
  • Access to our vetted, trusted, recommended partners

Master Series Features

3 Fast Start Interactive Sessions

Critical Tools and Checklists

Live Question and Answer Sessions

VIP Access to College Aid Pro - an invaluable tool to compare schools, financial aid packages and get the key details on each college.

Collaborative Review of Your Situation

BONUS: Personalized One-on-one Strategy Sessions to Support your Goals

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